How Bluetooth Technology Works With Your Car or Truck

As technology has gotten increaBlaupunkt_Helsinki_220BT_Bluetooth_car_radiosingly more sophisticated, the age of wireless communication has been evolving. Nowadays, more and more vehicles are being equipped with Bluetooth technology, which basically revolutionized wireless communication. This has allowed for a much easier driving experience while simultaneously reducing the risk of many car accidents.

The way Bluetooth technology operates within any vehicle may seem rather complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Basically, there’s a wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) signal that gets emitted by the device or vehicle, this is usually in the form of unobtrusive power radio waves. These waves usually cover an area with a diameter of about 30 feet, allowing all devices with bluetooth technology to communicate with one another when inside of it. When connected wirelessly to your vehicle, a device’s controls and alerts are usually shown on the vehicle’s display. For example, if a phone is connected to your car through bluetooth, the car’s display will show: incoming calls, contact information, the music library, and other options; all sound is emitted through the vehicle’s stereo.

Because a device’s control options are displayed in the vehicle, the risk of car accidents is reduced significantly, as people won’t be fumbling around with their phone or mp3 player while driving. Another great thing about having bluetooth technology in your car or truck is that bluetooth is virtually universal in technological devices. This means that if a manufacturer uses wireless PAN technology in their product, the choice is always bluetooth. So no matter the product you buy, from no matter what brand name, you can be assured that it will work in your wireless network as long as it has bluetooth.

The only downside to getting bluetooth in your vehicle is that you may need to buy some additional components to really bring it all together. If you want to talk wirelessly on your phone while driving your car or truck, you’ll need to purchase a Bluetooth headset. Besides that, the only negative about bluetooth is that the headset may take a little bit of getting used to.

Bluetooth is more accessible and convenient now than ever before and many people are choosing to try it. With state laws cracking down on texting and talking while driving, it’s a smart investment. Bluetooth will only get more widespread as time goes on, so no matter the reason for getting one, one can be certain it’s a great decision.