Factory Stereo Add Ons

Supercharge your factory audio system

Adding new features to a factory installed receiver, or upgrading an aftermarket receiver isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be. The more advanced mobile electronics become the more difficult simple upgrades can be. However, you have nothing to worry about. We've got all the wires, harnesses, interfaces, and accessories to get the job done.

A factory car stereo will be able to provide adequate music quality, but for a person looking for the best and most customized experience, looking into new sound systems for cars is a must. Before heading to an audio dealer, there are a number of things to understand so that the perfect system is purchased.

The Receiver

The receiver or head unit is the most important piece in sound systems for cars. This is where the audio is controlled and the specifications of the unit you select, will determine the power range of the speakers and amplifiers that can be utilized. Purchasing an inexpensive receiver and subwoofers that are too powerful is a common mistake.

Common things to look for when selecting a receiver include making sure it has: the option to plug in an MP3 player, control for a CD changer, and a removable face or one that can be flipped and hidden from view.

In most cases, after-market receivers can be mounted seamlessly into an existing radio slot. There are a wide variety of kits available that make receivers fit perfect. Just ensure that it will definitely work before purchasing. Having the unit installed professionally will ensure this.

pioneer_ampThe Amplifier

In any system, the amplifier powers the speakers and ensures that a crisp and clean sound is always heard. This is always the case if the proper amplifier is installed to match the overall system. A good test of the amplifier is to listen to music at half volume. If the sound quality is still clear, the amplifier is doing its job. If the music is beginning to become distorted, it may not be powerful enough.

Once the correct amplifier is purchased, it is just a matter of mounting it in the right spot. It can be hidden from sight and placed in almost any location as long as there is adequate air flow around the device.

speakersThe Speakers

The final piece when it comes to sound systems for cars are the speakers. Depending on the size and type of the vehicle, the location, type and number of speakers can greatly vary. More is not always better when it comes to providing the best overall sound. By looking at a budget and getting a recommendation from a sound professional, the right number and type of speakers can be recommended and then purchased by the customer.

For speakers that are mounted indoors, fit may be a concern. A more powerful speaker will be larger and have a larger magnet. Depending on the vehicle, larger speakers may or may not fit correctly.

Great car stereo systems can provide the driver and passenger with amazing enjoyment. A professional installation will provide the best quality of sound and be guaranteed to look great.