iPOD & MP3

Are you connected? What Makes Direct Connection Better?

Parrot-RKi8400-iPhone-Car-Stereo_2Since it's inception, users have wanted to play their iPod in the car with CD Quality Sound. FM Transmitters and cassette adapters offered poor quality audio, static and distortion, and an overall poor quality causing many people to choose not to use the iPod in the car.

Integrate an iPod directly with a factory car stereo in CD Quality Sound, by connecting the iPod through the CD Changer or Satellite Radio Port on the back of a Factory Car Stereo.

1. CD Quality Sound
The single most important feature of iPod adapters is the CD Quality Sound they offer from the iPod in the Car. By integrating the iPod directly with the factory car stereo, users can find the true digital quality sound they have been looking for from their iPod in the car.

2. Factory Car Stereo iPod Controls
True Digital Integration means more than just the CD Quality Sound. Our adapters give users the option to the control the music on the iPod itself, or by using the factory radio and steering wheel controls. Radio and Steering wheel track / preset controls can in many cases be used to browse the iPod by Track, Playlist, Album, Artist and Genre.

3. iPod Power and Charging
If you have ever attempted to use a non powered iPod Transmitter for more than 20 minutes you have realized just how much they drain they battery, leaving you without music in the car... and your iPod battery dead. Our adapters power and charge the iPod so you can enter the vehicle with a drained iPod, listen to it in the car, and arrive at your destination with power in the iPod.

4. Text on Factory Radio
Some vehicles offer the capability to display text from the iPod on the factory radio display, allowing iPod users and their passengers to see the artist and song title of the music they are listening to. The added bonus of text can make for easier browsing and a truly digital integration experience.

5. Clean Factory Install
All of our Direct-Connection adapters use a single cable that connects from the adapter to the iPod. All of the power, charging, and control are done from this cable leaving users with the cleanest, and most discreet installation possible. In many cases, users can even leave the iPod stowed away and out of sight controlling their music primarily from the factory radio controls.